Legislative Updates


Legislator Outreach: Now is the time

With all of the legislative seats up for grabs and elections right around the corner, now is a critical time for EDAM to continue to build on its reputation as a statewide leader in the economic development arena.


End of Session Leaves a lot to be Desired

Because conference committees did not finalize key supplemental spending bills before the deadline, completed bills such as the tax bill and others, including the Economic Development and Jobs bill, were not passed along to the Governor to be signed


Legislative Leaders Reach Budget Framework Deal

With exactly one week left in the 2022 Legislative Session, Legislative leaders announced they have reached a deal on a framework of how to allocate they state’s historic surplus.


Legislature divided as end of session nears

Leaders seem confident they will reach a deal on the critical pieces but there is a lot of work to be done before the end of the legislative session, May 23rd.


Legislature Agrees to Front Line Worker Bonus Pay and U/I Trust Fund Repayment

With the end of the legislative session just three weeks away, lawmakers have a renewed sense of urgency.


Legislature returns, picking up the pace

Upon returning from break, the legislature is picking up the pace with four weeks left in the regular legislative session.


Legislature on Easter/Passover Break

The Legislature is off this week for Easter/Passover break after a long week of committee work to pass omnibus budget bills ahead of last week’s final deadline.


Omnibus Bills Begin to Move

As the second deadline passed - requiring bills to be heard in the House and Senate - many committees have rolled out their omnibus bill packages.


Second deadline approaching and a lot of waiting

This Friday will be the second deadline for many committees to hear bills. By this deadline, bills must have hearings in the House and Senate.


Supplemental Redevelopment Budget bill moves forward in the Senate, other disagreements continue

Supplemental Redevelopment Budget bill moves forward in the Senate, while partisanship disagreements over the unemployment insurance tax continue.