Engaging with Your Lawmakers: How to Be an Advocate for Good Public Policy

Wednesday, February 24
12:00 - 1:00 pm

Minnesota State Capitol

The season is upon us again when our lawmakers are meeting and generating public policy that will affect many of us and our communities for years to come.  Despite the ongoing pandemic, there are still ways to get involved and that can be highly effective in helping shape what that policy looks like and whom it will affect.  For many, this can be an intimidating exercise but the EDAM Government Relations Committee and EDAM U are here to help!

Please join us for a conversation guided by representatives from Fryberger Law Firm – Sam Richie and Kevin Walli. 
Topics covered will include:
  • Update on the EDAM Government Relations Committee focus
  • Overview of the budget setting process
  • Steps you can take to get involved
Let us help you take the fear out of engaging with lawmakers and equip you with tools to help you be an advocate for good public policy.  Register today!
Prepare for the Webinar

In preparation for the webinar, we wanted to share the following links where hearing schedules and other relevant information can be viewed.  Generally speaking, Committees are meeting Monday and Wednesday afternoons and live links will be posted

Combined Legislative Calendar 
Has links to stream each hearing every day

House Workforce and Business Development Finance and Policy Committee Page

Senate Jobs and Economic Growth Finance and Policy Committee Page


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