April 29 | Minnesota: 2030 - A Framework for Economic Growth

Minnesota 2030

Thursday, April 29 | 10:00 - 11:30 am

Minnesota: 2030, the first major economic report from the Minnesota Chamber Foundation, outlines the state’s position in the national and global economy, with recommendations to help shape and foster stronger economic performance for Minnesota in the coming decade.

Minnesota: 2030 details economic strengths on which to build and potential hurdles we must work to overcome. The effort, launched in mid 2019, set out to answer two fundamental questions:
  • How is the economy poised to change and grow over the next decade, based on the current regional and industry-specific performance?
  • How can we maximize the opportunities to advance Minnesota’s economy in the coming decade?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to double down on our efforts, and the resulting report is a significant and comprehensive look at the state’s economy.

The Minnesota Chamber Foundation advances strategies for positively positioning Minnesota’s economy for better growth – with actionable recommendations and growth-acceleration opportunities that would strengthen Minnesota’s economy even more. Join us for this important discussion about the factors that will influence your business growth and our state’s outlook in the decade ahead.

Minnesota: 2030 key findings
Tom Forsythe, Principal, CCO Communications, LLC
Sean O’Neil, Director, Economic Research, Minnesota Chamber Foundation

Panel Insights
Steve Grove, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
Tim Penny, President and CEO, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation
Alene Tchourumoff, Senior Vice President, Community Development and Engagement, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Andrea Walsh, President and CEO, HealthPartners

Moderated by: Jon Campbell, Board Chair, Minnesota Chamber Foundation and Founder, Cedar Glen Advisory Services, LLC

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