Conference Committees Named, Scheduled to Begin Meeting This Week

April 27, 2021

Another week of long House and Senate Floor Session is in the books as lawmakers now turn their focus to the Conference Committee process. Nearly all of the omnibus budget bills have now passed both the DFL-controlled House and the GOP-controlled Senate and most of the Conference Committees have been named. The Workforce and Business Development Conference Committee will work to iron out the differences between the House and Senate proposals with respect to the DEED budget and is the first Conference Committee with a hearing scheduled for later this week. There are ten Conferees, five from the House and five from the Senate. In order to adopt language in the Conference Committee a proposal needs to receive 3 yes votes from each Chamber, so neither party or Chamber can dictate the process without compromise and buy in from the other side.

Senate Conferees:

House Conferees:

As outlined in previous updates, both House and Senate omnibus Workforce and Business Development bills make one-time cuts to MIF and neither provides base funding for the Redevelopment Account. EDAM will continue to work with key lawmakers and Conferees to push for base funding for Redevelopment in the Conference Committee process.