Help us advocate for funding: Share potential redevelopment projects by March 23

March 17, 2021

One of EDAM’s top priorities for the 2021 Session is re-establishing a line-item appropriation for the DEED Redevelopment Account.
We have had hearings in both the House and Senate and have met individually with the Committee Chairs about establishing this appropriation for the Redevelopment Account.  

We received advice that it may be helpful to provide some examples of projects that could be accomplished in the next two years if the state were to establish the appropriation in the amount of $8 million per year.

We will use these examples in our advocacy with the Committee Chairs and key Committee Members. We need this information very quickly for it to have any impact and so we would ask that members respond quickly with the best information that you have available.

How you can help

We are asking EDAM members who have redevelopment projects in mind to provide a brief (three or four sentence) description of the project with an estimate of the redevelopment investment that they would likely seek. Please also provide the overall investment that the redevelopment funds would trigger with a completed project.  

megaphonePlease send your information to Kevin and Sam at the Fryberger law firm by 2:00 pm on Tuesday, March 23.  

Kevin Walli:
Sam Richie: