Second deadline approaching and a lot of waiting

March 29, 2022


This Friday will be the second deadline for many committees to hear bills. By this deadline, bills must have hearings in the House and Senate. Some committees have been busy hearing bills to meet deadlines. In contrast, others have unveiled their omnibus bills (large bill packages including many bills heard during session) and are walking through them and taking public testimony.

EDAM’s top priority – funding for the Redevelopment Grant Program in 2023 – is a bit of a waiting game. The Redevelopment bills, S.F. 585 and H.F. 819, were heard in the Senate and House Jobs Committees well before the deadlines, so we await the omnibus bills in each committee. The House Workforce Omnibus hearing has been scheduled for April 4, so we expect to see that language soon and will know if the Redevelopment funds are in it. Once we see the omnibus bill language for each committee, we will coordinate member advocacy efforts accordingly, so be ready!

The unemployment insurance tax partisan standoff continues with little movement. This lack of bipartisanship to accomplish much of anything continues to be concerning. As the end of the session nears, the parties will have to work together if they are going to pass a bonding, tax, or supplemental spending legislation into law.