Supplemental Budget Appropriation for Redevelopment Grant Program Heard in House Workforce and Business Development Finance and Policy Committee

March 8, 2022


Representative Koegel’s House File 819 was heard on March 7th in Chair Noor’s Workforce and Business Development Finance and Policy Committee. The bill was amended to provide $8 million in fiscal year 2023 to the Redevelopment Grant Program administered by DEED. At the suggestion of Chair Noor, the amendment also incorporated language directing DEED to prioritize applications from development authorities located in low-income areas. This change would apply only to the funding provided in 2023 and would not be a permanent change to the Redevelopment Grant Program.

The amendment language can be found here.   

The hearing went well and the bill received a warm reception from Committee members, particularly from Chair Noor. Testifiers in support of the bill were EDAM lobbyist Sam Richie, Rosemount Economic Development Coordinator Eric Van Oss, and St. Cloud Economic Development Director Cathy Mehelich. We are truly grateful for the willingness of Eric and Cathy to participate in the hearing and help show lawmakers how valuable redevelopment funding is for communities all across Minnesota.

House File 819 was laid over to possibly be included in Chair Noor’s eventual omnibus budget bill. EDAM will keep members updated on opportunities to connect with lawmakers and advocate for this important funding priority.

EDAM is also working to secure a hearing for the same supplemental budget funding for the Redevelopment Grant Program in the Senate and will keep members updated as opportunities to participate in the legislative process present themselves.