January-February 2014 Issue

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Local Economic Growth at Technology Village in Prior Lake

Technology Village

The Technology Village Business Accelerator program provides affordable and customized leases for businesses within a 2,000 square foot area in City Hall, including five offices and four cubicles. With support services and a professional office environment, the Technology Village Business Accelerator program began to offer leases to qualifying emerging technology businesses in early 2013.

The space is now filled with ten people representing six technology businesses, including Innovative Computer Professionals, design.A.tivity, Blackdog Computer Services, Valde Group, EC3-Marketing, and Argos Risk. These businesses are focused on software development, graphic design, e-commerce, digital community news, ATM systems and identity fraud within the Casino, Retail, Government, and Financial Markets.

A Board of Directors oversees all operations, ranging from tenant selection to direct client services. This 6-member board is composed of local business persons that have a range of experience and talents to contribute toward a successful program. The city’s Community and Economic Development Director, Dan Rogness, also serves as the Executive Director for Technology Village.      

A Phase II plan is proposed to provide similar support for small business growth opportunities in 2014 throughout Prior Lake in offices available for lease. As businesses graduate from the Technology Village program, the city’s goal is to see them grow and prosper in Prior Lake.

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