Legislative Updates


Precinct Caucuses Tonight with an Updated Budget Forecast on Thursday

There will be a pair of non-legislative events this week that may help shape the remainder of this Session.


Lawmakers Return to St. Paul

The 2024 Legislative Session has officially commenced. Some committees hit the ground running, taking up key issues on the first day that have been percolating over the summer and fall.


2023 Legislative Session Comes to a Close

While the session did not end days early, which was the original stated goal, they did manage to adjourned with about 2 hours to spare, an exceedingly rare feat in recent history during a budget year.


Final Week of Legislative Session

We’re nearing the end of session, with the constitutional deadline for adjournment on Monday, May 22.


With Two Weeks to Go, Still Much to Do on the Budget, Taxes, and Bonding

Last week the Jobs, Economic Development and Labor Conference Committee met to walk through a side-by-side comparison of the Senate and House bills.


Conference Committee Week at the Capitol

This is the week of the conference committee. Leadership has given committee chairs and conferees until the end of the week to iron out their differences.


House Passes Economic and Workforce Development Omnibus Budget Bill

The House took up the Economic Development, Workforce and Labor and Industry Omnibus bill late into the evening yesterday, passing it off the floor on a partisan line vote.


Omnibus Bills Move to the Floor, House Tax Bill Released

This week the House Tax Committee unveiled their Omnibus Bill


Legislature Set to Begin Easter/Passover Break

In the past week, most of the Senate and House committees have posted, walked through, marked up, and passed their omnibus bills, with the tax omnibus bills expected to emerge soon after lawmakers return from the break.


Omnibus Season Begins

This week, the committee chairs took that outline and provided details - their omnibus bills - a combination of the budget bills the committee heard this session that they plan to advance to a floor vote.