Get more out of your membership through mentorship!

To support EDAM's mission to champion economic development in Minnesota through professional development, networking, and advocacy, we are excited to offer a mentorship program for members. This program is designed to leverage individual strengths and experiences to help each other navigate, grow, lead and empower participants toward professional and personal growth.

The mentorship program typically runs June - May (12 months, spanning two calendar years).

Mentorship Application


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“I greatly appreciated having the opportunity to participate in the mentorship program. My mentor and I were a great match, and I look forward to continuing our relationship into the future. He has been instrumental in helping me weather the current pandemic issues, and I have also provided him with some insight as well. I would say it has been mutually beneficial, and we’re both happy to have signed up for this opportunity.”
Nate Carlson, Economic Development Coordinator, City of Northfield

Why participate?

  1. Enhance leadership skills
  2. Satisfaction of helping someone be successful
  3. Keep up to date on emerging trends and issues
  4. Deepen the EDAM network
  1. Gain access to relevant information and perspectives
  2. Deepen network connections
  3. Gain confidence in challenging situations
  4. Develop new skills and expertise