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Spotlight on Equitable Economic Development * Foundations

Excerpts from IEDC's Playbook for Equitable Economic Development


2024 Conferences - Call for Proposals

Submit a session for EDAM's 2024 Conferences


Member Spotlight: Ruth Tucker

Economic Development Specialist, City of Blaine


August & September Brownfield Funding Events

Two information sessions presenting an overview of local brownfield investigation and cleanup grants will be held in-person on August 24, 2023 and September 12, 2023.


DEI Spotlight: Jenn Brewington

Jenn Brewington, City of Victoria


Survey * Minnesota Food Business Development Needs

Minnesota Food Business Development Needs Survey


Sept 14-15 | Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference

Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference - September 14-15, 2023 in New London, MN


Nov 13-15 | Young, Smart and Local Conference

Young, Smart and Local Conference - November 13-15, 2023 in New Orleans


2023 Legislative Session Comes to a Close

While the session did not end days early, which was the original stated goal, they did manage to adjourned with about 2 hours to spare, an exceedingly rare feat in recent history during a budget year.


Final Week of Legislative Session

We’re nearing the end of session, with the constitutional deadline for adjournment on Monday, May 22.