Member Spotlight: Gretchen Larson, City of Cottage Grove

Gretchen LarsonJune 14, 2022

Gretchen Larson is Economic Development Director for the City of Cottage Grove. Contact Gretchen

How long have you been a member of EDAM?
2 months

What do you find valuable about belonging to EDAM?
I am new to Minnesota having recently been hired as the new Economic Development Director for the City of Cottage Grove. EDAM was one of the first organizations I joined. EDAM has a lot of great resources and news to share with their members. I am excited to be a member and hope to join committees and contribute to economic development discussions and support initiatives.

What is something you are passionate about or a hobby you really enjoy?
I love any outdoor activity - camping, running, hiking, boating, fishing, and golf to name a few, though my golf game needs a lot of work! I am also especially passionate about organic gardening. Gardening allows me to experiment with native plantings and I love to do my small part to help this beautiful planet we call home stay in balance.

What is the greatest advice a mentor has given you?
To always do your best at everything you undertake.

Who inspires you or who would you consider to be your hero? Why?
I admire so many people from the famous - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dr. King, Presidents Kennedy and Obama - to my mom who was ahead of her time, anyone who tries every day to make the world a better place. As long as we all try, we'll be able to solve the challenges that face us.

What's your favorite place in the world? If different, where is your happy place?
I absolutely love traveling so I'd have to say Germany and the Czech Republic are two of my most favorite places on earth. However, my happiest place is with my husband and family, including the crazy three cats and two wonderful and funny dogs that we have.

Pop or soda? Hotdish or casserole? Duck, duck, gray duck or duck, duck, goose? Packers or Vikings? Crunchy or creamy? Sweet or salty?
This is an interesting one for me as I grew up in Michigan and then moved to Texas to attend college so the words changed over time. Currently the answers would be: Soda. Casserole. Duck, duck, goose. Vikings Rule! Crunchy. Salty.